Monday, April 09, 2007

Nice Job

Saw this on research project. Howcome do I never get these sort of jobs.

They seemed to have missed the key ingredients of brown sauce though! shoddy piece of work.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Must do better and News!!

I am really bad at keep this blog thing up to date.

So whats the news ....

Well I am moving jobs to work in London, and will be moving in with Kim.

As part of that I am selling my house, and then will be looking to buy down south. So going through all the stress things related to selling and moving.

And in between finishing one job and starting the next, will be off to Oz, for Kims sister's wedding. So all will be a bit rushed

Really lookign forward to the new job. Good opportunites to learn more, and with a reinsurer so on the other side of the coin. Will be tough learnign curve and potential long days, but I do that anyway and potentially more rewarding. Also as with a smaller company shoudl be able to see more and better communication.

Before all that having a few drinks in Glasgow week after Easter. More than welcome if nothing on.

Will try and write more stuff promise.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

housework reduces breastcancer

Awesome news

all we need now is to find out it's dangerous to men!


Well Christmas was not too bad. Had the typical ridiculous number of christmas meals before the main event. Think 4. Then went down to Kims on the friday night.

Unfortunately this was when the fog was delaying things so the flight took off 3 hours late, but they told us to board an hour late, then told us it was delayed another 2 hours, and we had to sit on the plane. That's easyjet for you. Then got on the train and it left gatwick to three bridges. Then it stopped. The train was behind a freight train where the driver didn't have the experience to pull the track into the sidings, so it stopped there waiting for a new driver. We then went back to Gatwick and were told we scould use a different line. But an hour or so later, nothing was moving and no news, so got a taxi instead.

Had a relaxing weekend, and headed over to my dad'd onthe sunday, and took 45 mins less than expected as managed to catch the earlier train, as trainline gives too much time to cross London. Then went to see James Bond. Cool, one of the best, so much grittier.

Next morning was pressies, at around 6, not too bad. Only the kids got theirs and I had to wait till after breaky. Then got my pressie. WooHoo!! Just what I wanted, mainly as I'd sent out a list and a little sad so won't mention here!

Then on the morning of the 27th it was off overseas ....

Saturday, November 04, 2006


So ages again since I posted. so what have I done.

Not much really.
Been drunk playing poker on line, been down to York for flicks leaving.

thats it. But have a few good weekends planned. Next one in Manchester watching Muse.
Tonight off to Keiths for his birthday and macheteing a cake.
Then tomorrow life convention (sad workie thing) about 5 mins away, not sure i fancy all the quizzing likely to go on, and the talk to do.

But should be interesting.

playing poker now, so must concentrate.

..... nerly forgot why the post!

Fireworks love them, hate them. What d'you think. Personally rather ban them except public displays as my cats get terrified, and dangerous with thick yobs. God do I feel old with that comment!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ryder Cup

What an Awesome display. I remember when we used to be 10-6 up and then just sneak home or lose in the singles. The thing is that we now have 8 of the 12 in the worlds top 20 compared to just 5 americans. It' that strength in depth that proved so good.

Really tempted to see about going over in 2 years time

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Adam Hills

Saw Adam on friday night in a place called the old fruitmarket. Great looking place. Outside its a modern building but inside the old fruitmarket is still there and is a small theatre, this is all with wooden roof and balconcys etc. A surprising building.

His show was great, and started off with some talk about Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, (talking of which did you see the denial by stingray on bbc of any invovlement in his deat - v funny) anyway he sketched that he wasn't surprised that he'd died by an animal and would have been surprised if he'd died of old age, and then said only an aussie could get away with the persona, and did a persona of a geordy crocodile hunter. v funny.

Later he did various sketches including digs at americans, and about how the canadians are fantastically bilingual. Won't say anymore as very funny. Definitely someone you should see if he's showing nearby

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ashes Squad

Well first to say been a long time since I posted. Must do better.

Anyway, tomorrow they announce the team to go down under and keep hold of the ashes. So who would I take.

Well firstly we always seem to take 16 and then end up calling people in at short notice, not used to climate etc. I understand why you don't want lots as they may not play, but they can practice and be part of the squad. So I would definitely take more.

Now clearly the team depends on the pitch, and the series state. So there may be times to play 2 spinners. Others may want to pack full of batsmen.

Firstly though Captain.... Strauss. He's proved more than capable and I think there will be enough pressure on Freddy, also Freddy had a tendency to bowl himself too much.

Trescothic - have to take despite any illness issues
Butcher - need an experienced bat, and now over injury scorig runs this summer and lots of centurys against the Aussies
Solanki - prefer to Shah, Ramps etc


All Rounders
Freddy Flintoff

Jones (leave a spare place for him - so 1 over the 16)
Giles - experience, and useful with the bat. but number 2 spinner.
Plunkett - prefer toAnderson but I do support Durham!
Broad - young, but the trip would do him well.

Definitely need choice of bowlers and would suggets we generally played 5 as we need to get them out twice and the spinner may only come into play in second innings.

So thats 8 bats, 2 keeper, freddy and 8 bowlers. A hefty 19, but expect that Jones would be called off, or only in late. What with the current injuries we need the back up!